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How did birds first take to the air?
Sinornithosaurus sp.(?), juvenile; NGMC – 91
Any subject originating within the domains of science or archaeology is open for discussion at the Forum; but we especially encourage debate about topics that have broader implications.

Some subjects may originate within a particular discipline, e.g.
  • Cosmology:

    Can a 'Theory of Everything' be formulated by a single equation?

  • Palaeoanthropology:

    Was there a 'Human Revolution', and, if so, what caused it?

  • Egyptology:

    Is any chronological revision needed within the Egyptian Third Intermediate Period?
Other subjects may originate at the interface with broader aspects of society, e.g.
  • Science & philosophy:

    What are the limits of science in deriving knowledge?

  • Science & ethics:

    Should human embryos be used to advance medical science?

  • Science & the environment:

    Do sunspots contribute significantly to global warming?