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Our reference library has some 8 000 books & journal issues focused on areas of debate within science & archaeology.
Our museum collection contains over 10 000 objects, including geological, palaeontological, biological & archaeological specimens. Some have been assembled for research, others for hands-on education of the public.
Our network of scientific & archaeological colleagues allows us to offer a range of authoritative opinions on most questions within these fields.
We sponsor research, and also educational projects, using money given by public donation, and by bodies such as The Royal Society.

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Objects from the Forum's Museum
1. Cranium of Homo heidelbergensis (cast, Nat. Hist. Mus., Lond.)
Broken Hill 1; Kabwe, Zambia; CAMMO 1995.3.2.1.
2. Cranium of Homo heidelbergensis (cast, Mus. de Préhist. Taut.)
Arago XXI, Tautavel, France; CAMMO 2002.9.1.1.
3. Cranium of Homo neanderthalensis (reprod., Bone Clones)
La Chapelle-aux-Saints 1, France; CAMMO 2004.2.24.6.
4. Acheulian hand axe (biface) made by H. heidelbergensis
Thames Gravels; ex A.E.Peake Collection; CAMMO 1995.10.17.1.
5. Tool Kit made by H. neanderthalensis
Putanges, France; ex E. Perez Collection; CAMMO 2007.2.15.15−22.