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The Forum was launched in July 2008, when we co-hosted a technical colloquium on Chronology in the Ancient Near East (BICANE 2008), which was attended by invited scholars from across the globe, and also led to a number of publications.
Study Room
A study room was opened in May 2009, at our central Cambridge premises, and includes a library & various museum artefacts. Access is currently available to visitors, by appointment.
Research Centre
Building work at our main study centre on the Madingley Road has now been completed.
Past Events
Many of our past events have involved hosting or facilitating private groups; but we have also put on regular events open to the general public too. One past highlight was an exhibition at The Royal Society, visited by over 2000 people.
We are currently preparing a student branch of the Forum, which will be called SciFor.

Seminar at BICANE 2008 Colloquium