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The logo of the Forum comprises a DNA molecule together with a half-sectioned pot, representing science and archaeology respectively, and the interplay between them. Together, the images hint at the title letters SF as in Science & Archaeology Forum.
The DNA molecule was selected as representing some of the most significant, and potentially controversial, advances in modern science. The image is taken from the famous Watson & Crick 1953 Nature paper.

It was also chosen because the Cambridge house of the late Francis Crick, marked by a golden helix above its door, is situated just a few doors away from our central Cambridge premises.

Crick stirred debate throughout his life, and later worked on controversial subjects such as panspermia (life on Earth seeded from space), and human consciousness.

We have a collection of books in memory of Crick, & we hope to produce a short film for passing visitors.
The pot was chosen because pottery is a classic manifestation of material culture in archaeology, and because it is so vital for dating. The exterior half-section reflects drawings used in the archaeological literature.

The pot chosen is of the Abercrombie Type 'C' style, from a probable barrow at Ramsey St Mary's, Cambridgeshire, and was made by the 'Beaker People', characterised by their burial of the dead with a 'beaker'. It dates to the start of the Neolithic - Early Bronze Age transition, at about 2000 BC.

Not only is the pot local, but it also represents the challenge of determining whether it is people or culture that has migrated at the start of a new archaeological period.

The original is now in Peterborough Museum.