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van der Veen P & Ellis D (2015)
'He placed his name in Jerusalem': Ramesside finds from Judah's capital
in James P & van der Veen P (eds)
Solomon and Shishak
Third BICANE Colloquium, Cambridge 2011
BAR International Series 2732: 264-273
Archaeopress, Oxford

van der Veen  P (2013)
When pharaohs ruled Jerusalem
Biblical Archaeology Review 29 (2): 42-49 & 67

Theis C & van der Veen P (2012)
Some 'provenanced' Egyptian inscriptions from Jerusalem: A preliminary study of old and new evidence
in Galil G, Gilboa A, Maeir AM & Kahn D (eds)
The Ancient Near East in the 12th–10th Centuries BCE: Culture and history
Alter Orient und Altes Testament 392: 509-523

Publications following BICANE 2011 Colloquium:

James P & van der Veen PG (eds); Porter RM (assistant ed.) (2015)
Solomon and Shishak - Current perspectives from archaeology, epigraphy, history and chronology
Proceedings of the Third BICANE Colloquium held at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge 26-27 March, 2011
British Archaeological Reports International Series 2732
Archaeopress, Oxford

Session 1: Is the biblical Shishak the same as the Egyptian pharaoh Shoshenq I?

Bimson J (2015)
Shishak and Shoshenq: A chronological cornerstone or stumbling-block?
BAR International Series 2732: 3-9

Dodson A (2015)
Shoshenq I: A conventional(ish) view
BAR International Series 2732: 10-16

Ben-Dor Evian S (2015)
Shoshenq I and the Levant: Synchronising chronologies (extended abstract)
BAR International Series 2732: 17-19

Morkot R & James P (2015)
Dead-reckoning the start of the 22nd Dynasty: From Shoshenq V back to Shoshenq I
BAR International Series 2732: 20-41

Thijs A (2015)
From the lunar eclipse of Takeloth II back to Shoshenq I and Shishak
BAR International Series 2732: 42-61

Sagrillo T (2015)
Shoshenq I and Šišaq: A philological defense of their traditional equation
BAR International Series 2732: 61-81

van der Veen P (2015)
The name Shishaq: Šošenq or Šyšu/q? Responding to the critics and assessing the evidence
BAR International Series 2732: 82-97

Bimson J (2015)
Ramesses III as biblical Shishak? Some notes on the archaeological evidence
BAR International Series 2732: 98-116

van der Veen P & James P (2015)
Zerah the Kushite: A new proposal regarding his identity
BAR International Series 2732: 117-126

James P & van der Veen P (2015)
When did Shoshenq I campaign in Palestine?
BAR International Series 2732: 127-136

Session 2: The glorious reign of Solomon, fact or fiction? Archaeological and historical reflections

Chapman R (2015)
Samaria and Megiddo: Shishak and Solomon
BAR International Series 2732: 137-147

Zwickel W (2015)
Solomon's Temple, its cultic implements and the historicity of Solomon's kingdom
BAR International Series 2732: 148-157

Kokkinos N (2015)
Josephus and Greek chronography: Troy, Solomon, Shishak and Ramesses III
BAR International Series 2732: 158-189

van der Veen P (2015)
Early Iron Age epigraphy and chronological revision - A summary article
BAR International Series 2732: 190-198

Zerbst U & van der Veen P (2015)
Does radiocarbon provide the answer?
BAR International Series 2732: 199-224

Porter R (2015)
Recent problems with dendrochronology?
BAR International Series 2732: 225-234

Session 3: The Egyptians and Jerusalem

James P (2015)
Kings of Jerusalem at the Late Bronze to Iron Age transition - Forerunners or doubles of David and Solomon?
BAR International Series 2732: 236-257

Burger Robin S (2015)
Analysis, interpretation and dating of a problematic Egyptian statuary fragment discovered in Jerusalem
BAR International Series 2732: 258-263

van der Veen P & Ellis D (2015)
'He placed his name in Jerusalem': Ramesside finds from Judah's Capital
BAR International Series 2732: 264-273

Kahn D (2015)
The campaign of Ramesses III against Philistia
BAR International Series 2732: 274-

Publications following BICANE 2008 Colloquium:

van der Veen PG, Theiss C & Görg M (2010)
Israel in Canaan (long) before Pharaoh Merenptah?
A fresh look at Berlin statue pedestal relief 21687

Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections 2(4): 15-25

James P & Morkot R (2010)
Herihor's kingship and the high priest of Amun Piankh
Journal of Egyptian History 3(2): 231-260

Chapman III RL (2009)
Putting Sheshonq I in his place
Palestine Exploration Quarterly 141: 4-17

Morkot R & James P (2009)
Peftauawybast, King of Nen-Nesut: Genealogy, art history, and the chronology of late Libyan Egypt
Antiguo Oriente 7: 13-56

Bimson JJ & Tebes JM (2009)
Timna revisited: Egyptian chronology and the copper mines of the southern Arabah
Antiguo Oriente 7: 75-118

Porter RM (2008)
A network of 22nd - 26th Dynasty genealogies
Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 44: 153-157

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