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Egyptians in Israel: Late Bronze Age - Iron Age II Survey, North Jerusalem

Egyptian finds of high status from sites north of the Old City in Jerusalem raise important questions about their collective significance, and about their chronological connections. In an on-going project, we are examining locally found objects in Israel's museum stores, and within informal collections of public and private buildings from the area; making laser measurements of rock-cut tombs & architectural remains; studying the surface distribution of pottery sherds; and digging test pits to bedrock to contextualise surface finds.

Pottery sherd survey underway

Members of our interdisciplinary team include those from Bristol, Mainz & Heidelberg Universities, with Prof. Gabriel Barkay, of Bar-Ilan University, as Patron.

Israel Antiquities Authority licences S-203/2010 & S-238/2011; museum work, curation & analysis of excavated objects through to 2018.

Typical surface sherd sample from a 2 x 2 m area

Iron Age rock-cut tomb